Perfect Timing, Then Lots of Post

Yes my friend Brian Unger really was jumping off a roof (top of an elevator shaft) and my other friend Daniel Kesslor really was holding the bottle out just like that right as this was happening. And then I messed with it in photoshop….

My Face in Minecraft

For those of you who don’t know, Minecraft is a first-person sandbox game that is essentially like an entire world of legos that can be built and destroyed with clicks of a mouse. I started my own Minecraft server (happy fun times) and proceeded…

Bedframe 3D model

I was trying to come up with an efficient design for a bed frame. You see I have a bunch of 2×2’s in my basement… also I was bored on a tuesday night. Whatcha gonna do?

Yahoo 3D chicklets

I made these little bumpers back in 2010 when I did a brief bit of freelance work. These were used as promo material along with some sizzle reels of Yahoo in the news. Not bad for one of my first paid gigs.