I Could Draw… Back in Highschool

Every wanted to cut a photo in half and try to draw the other half? Well I did. It is not a mirror image by the way, I was following the other half other the photo. Sadly I don’t do much drawing any more,…

50 Different Devens

Oh the Vanity! In AFO (Art Foundation) we were given an assignment to do 50 self portraits, all using different mediums. I know there are 2 photos, but one is black and white and one is color. That counts, right?

Stickman Vector Art

My theory is that anything in multiples is instantly interesting. This illustration puts that theory to the test, with approximately 1000 copies of the same stupid stick man drawing. Does it do something for you?

FrithFlub Manor Illustration

FrithFlub Manor (pronounced “frith-fluss” cause it’s actually not a B, but some other crazy-ass letter) was a drawing I made in 10th grade for a history project. We were making maps of fictitious fiefdoms and everyone else was drawing 2d pencil-on-lined-notebook-paper drawings, so I…