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Deven James Langston

Freelance Motion Graphic Artist

You need to show what oil does inside a car? Want to put actors into a Dr. Suess-esqu wonderland? Showcase your satellite network and its offerings? How about graphics support for a pitch to a network?

I’ve got you covered.

3D Animated Pillow for Carpenter

When you want to show how cool a pillow is, one of the ways is to turn it into an action super hero. This series of commercials for Carpenter to be shown in Bed Bath and Beyond played a little bit different than most product commercials.

See the Animated Pillow

Tru Cool Animated Pillow

Award-Winning Animated Short Film CMYK

After several years of doing the 48 hour film festival and making a name for Pixel Drop at Filmapalooza, We were asked to compete for a spot in a special 4-week short film festival. We were accepted and our film went on as 1 of 4 films to screen at the Cannes Film Festival “HP Masters” screening August of 2017.

Watch The Making Of

HDR 360 Panoramas

3D Engine Animation for Afton Chemical

Afton came back again this year for help with a video explaining what motor oil does inside your engine. I had to figure out how to rig up the crank shaft and pistons, as well as make sure the camshaft timing and chain were in sync and accurate. xPresso to the rescue!

Look at the Complicated Engine

Afton Chemical Engine Animation

afton importance of the right motor oil

Richmond International Film Festival Opener

Two years in a row I helped put together the opening video for the Richmond International Film Festival. Sound design was done by the legendary Curtis Brown. Screenings held at the Byrd Theater and Bowtie Cinema in RVA.

Experience the Festival Opener

why we serve after effects cinema 3d animation

More 3D Flying Camera 3D Animation

I Built a custom camera rig just for the work I do. This post is all about xPresso rigs and controlling cameras. I’m old school. I was messing with 3D workflow before it was built into Cinema 4D.

Gaze At a Few Animations

Previous Demo Reels

Michel Gondry once said, “I chose quantity over quality, because quantity lasts and quality fades.”



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