Human Stop-Motion Pinball Idea

Human Stop Motion Pinball
This is just a mock-up.

Each object on the street reacts to the “ball,” which is a person sitting cross-legged on the ground bouncing around the street to imitate a pinball game. Cars’ headlights will light up and their windshield wipers will turn on, landing in the manhole will cause him to bounce back out. There should probably be a moving truck in there somewhere that has a portal to a second-story window that spits the ball back out or something. Here’s a video explaining my rough concept sketch:

I need help taking photographs of the objects that will be part of the game:

*Angle is very important, it must match the mock-up so it will look like it belongs in the scene.

car, motorcylce, truck, etc.
light pole
street sign
flag pole
park bench
set of stairs with railing
handicap ramp
two men carrying a mattress
rickshaw full of fruit
cement wall or blockade
road cones
planters, small trees, bushes, etc

whatever else you think would be cool to add

I want this to look like a real scene of a street, but with an impossible amount of stuff making it into a pinball game.

Technical details, if you’re into it:

I think that actually staging the whole thing would prove too tricky and lead to a failed project (lighting conditions, location issues, permit problems). So, the preferred approach is After Effects. However, all the elements must start as photographs. In order to make this look and feel real, I need real base plates for all of the above mentioned items from the same angle as the mock-up.

For the pinball person, I have a simple approach that does not invole capturing the entire performance in stop-motion. Instead, capture stop-motion photos of the person rotating in place from several angles of height. This video can be composited onto the street scene with full control over its position. Blending between the angles of height will help match changes in perspective as the character moves up and closer and further away. This approach will allow for a fully composited scene where other elements can be placed in and accounted for in gameplay. We could even use phsyics by creating a proxy build of the scene in a 3D program. It could even be an interactive photo pinball game…. ok that’s too much for now.

I need help finding locations and taking photos. It all has to match and seem to belong together. It also has to be wicked cool. If you want to help out, get in touch with me!

*** cool CGI intro idea: The game begins with a dramatic pullback of the camera in 3D space to reveal the whole scene enclosed in a pinball machine and the hands of the player.

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