Deven James Langston – Demo Reel 2011

Hi, My name is Deven Langston, and I’m a motion graphic artist. This is some of my recent work for Metro Productions.

Deven James Langston – Demo Reel 2010

Deven James Langston
after 6 months in (said with a deep menacing voice) “the industry.”

Deven James Langston – Demo Reel 2007

devenjames – 2007 demo reel from Deven James Langston on Vimeo.
This is what I had to show for my time at VCU. I was told it was too artsy-fartsy for a commercial demo reel. I suppose that’s true, but I still got hired. Buh-bam!

Stickman Vector Art

My theory is that anything in multiples is instantly interesting. This illustration puts that theory to the test, with approximately 1000 copies of the same stupid stick man drawing. Does it do something for you?