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I work remotely


I work remotely

Creativity On Demand

I create custom visual content. I bring scripts to life. I show how things work. I remove blemishes, fix colors and add elements into shots. I nerd out about render settings and optimization. I give advice. I’m open to advice. I’m easy to contact and easy to work with. And I deliver. Need graphics? Let’s do it!

After Effects FTW!

After Effects Everything!

After Effects is the bread and butter of what I do. It’s Photoshop that moves; a perfect tool for bringing illustrations to life. And I know it well. While I am a fan of plugin-ins and dynamic construction, I’m also not afraid to get in there and layer in a bunch of keyframes by hand. Sometimes that’s what it takes for good animation.

Cinema 4D for 3D

I am a 3D generalist, so I’ve messed with almost every attribute of 3D: modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, animating, multipass and GPU rendering, post-effects, turbulance FD, X-particles, xPresso, the Greyscale kits, HDRI generation, and a bunch of other equally fascinating conversation starters.

Cinema 4D for 3D

CAD and Programming

CAD and Programming

I pride myself in understanding how things work. That includes mechanical parts and program logic. I’ve worked with solidworks and CAD files, built functional internal combustion engines and geared transmissions (in 3D of course), and developed several apps for iOS and Android. Need a nerd? Say no more!

Compositing and VFX

I’ve removed many green screens over the years and put backgrounds in their place. Sometimes that required complex 3D camera tracking and hand-animated rotoscoping. I have also put some things into scenes that were not shot that way. I make the images do what I want them to do.

Compositing and VFX

3D Scanning and VR

3D Scanning and VR

I keep up with the latest tech. That includes things like 3D scanning software (using normal photos no less), GPU-based rendering, and 360 VR videos. I’m no animation traditionalist.

Concept Development

I love executing other people’s visions. I can stay true to branding guidelines and premade storyboard concepts, but if you need a little help finding the look, I can also brainstorm with you to help develop your visual message. Ain’t no thang.

Concept Development


I like transparency, and I bet you do too. Here’s what I charge.

$80 an Hour

I am also open to working for a fixed price for a whole project, depending on the scope.

Work With Me

Want to get a price quote or see if I can help you with a specific animation need? Tell me a little bit about your project. Be sure to include not only a description of the idea but things like timeline and if you have a rough budget. I price everything based on the hours required but I’m open to working within a fixed budget provided the conditions and scope of the project are reasonable.

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The Final Pitch

I am an animator but also a down to earth human being. I’m good at making graphics, and I’m good at problem solving. I like math and logic, and I like explaining how things work. I’m transparent (not literally) and reasonable to work with. Want me to make graphics for you? Let’s do it!