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Deven James Langston

You Can’t Spell Animate Without I

You need a 3D transmission that works? Have to show a 200-tray automatic convection oven in action… and it needs to be an interactive app? Interconnected satellite constellations in space? Scary monsters added to live action footage? Knife murder VFX? 3D backdrops? Walking pillow? Name supers???

With almost a decade of professional experience with 2D and 3D motion graphics, Deven James Langston makes just about everything you see on-screen that didn’t come through a camera lens. His skill set bridges the gap between the creative and the logical. He feels equally at home talking to creative directors and mechanical engineers. Deven also plays guitar and drums, and fancies himself a photography enthusiast. Deven is creative. He knows little to nothing about history and politics, and is terrible at debating. So much for being well-rounded.

2D/3D motion graphics, 3D modeling and animation, visual effects (green screen, 3D match-moving, rotoscoping, compositing), interactive development (iOS, Android and web), 360 panoramas

Bragging Rights:
Teaches animation part time at Virginia Commonwealth University (2007-2010, 2016-present)
Worked on opening video for the Richmond International Film Festival 2 years in a row (2016, 2017)
Won “Best Graphics”​ in Richmond’s 48 Hour film Festival 4 years in a row (2012-2015)

Deven lives in RVA and is currently Senior Motion Graphic Artist at Metro Productions.