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I Can Make That!

All The Things You Should Expect From a Professional 3D/After Effects Generalist
You want to show what it is? Explain how it works? Promote the hell out of it? I can help make you something that’ll do the job. I’ve spent the last decade producing digital imagery for a range of clients from fortune 500 companies to local non-profits. I’m fast and efficient with the tools of the trade, I’ve got some pretty good ideas and I’m a nice dude, to boot.

Featured Work

3D Chocolate Pump

Candybar makers need to move loads of liquid chocolate to different parts of their assembly lines. This video shows how Desmi’s line of industrial liquid chocolate pumps does just that.

Geico Retro Ads

To people who grew up in the era of floppy disks and VHS tapes, there’s actually something kinda nostalgic about that technology. Here are some ads that pay homage to a time long since gone.

3D Animated Pillow

For this series of commercials for Carpetner’s Tru-Cool Pillow, I was asked to turn a pillow into a living character. The result – “The Coolest Pillow You Know!” He’s an action hero, a lady’s man, and an A-list celebrity!

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