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FREE Cinema 4D Arcing Camera Rig

I call it DJ_Cam because it spins around a target like a record player – and because my name is devenjames. But that’s not important. What is important is that this camera rig has some handy controls that make it work more like a movie camera on a boom pole. Smoothly arc and crane around an object, and add natural camera shake with a few sliders.

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More Natural Camera Moves

The main use of this camera rig is arcing, craning, sliding, and barrel roll moves focused around a central target. The setup has adjustments built in to make the camera pivot more like a camera mounted on a tripod mounted on a boom pole. It also has easy-to-use camera shake options built right in.

There’s nothing in this setup that you can’t already do with the built-in tools already in C4D, but it’s nice to have these controls in one place with sliders already set up and set to common value ranges. No more cameras on splines, ok? Just kidding that sometimes works just fine! But this xpresso-based camera rig is guaranteed to make for some smooth moves, my friend.

Easy After Effects Integration

Sometimes animated cameras imported into After Effect don’t line up right. Not with this rig! Once you’ve done all your keyframing, simply open up the timeline, select the DJ_Cam camera and choose Function–>Bake Objects. Be sure to turn on “All Parameters” if you changed the Focal Length. That’s it! Problem-free in AE guaranteed!

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It's Free!

Hope you enjoy. If you make something cool with this, or have a question about it, or some suggestions on how to make it better, by golly let me know! Or just tag @icanmakeitmove.

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