character rigging and animation
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What Is It You'd Say You Do Here?

I make the pixels do what I want them to do.

3D Animation with Cinema 4D

I’m a pusher of polygons, points and x-particles. My keyframe curves are crafted with care. I unwrap UVs and moGraph? Yes please! I create camera rigs download if you dare.

I’m a generalist 3D animator doing all the things that need doing – modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, animating (but of course!), rendering (more on that below), and dynamic simulations. Cinema 4D is my program of choice though I am becoming more and more fond of Houdini.

Rendering with GPUs

Once I saw what OTOY’s GPU renderer could do there was no turning back. The unbiased ray-tracing engine runs on graphics cards (which is why I had 11 of them at one point) and is capable of producing higher levels of production quality in a shorter time than Cinema 4D’s built-in render engines. I mostly use Redshift now but it’s good to have options!

Motion Graphics with After Effects

There’s no “After” about it. After Effects is the main program where the motion graphics get made. My level of intimacy with this industry-standard software will shock no one.

CAD, Code, and Nodes

Whether it’s building a functioning virtual transmission or simulating liquid chocolate moving through an industrial pump, I love getting under the hood and making things that actually work. I want to understand the math behind it and create an Xpresso rig that will control it.

Compositing and VFX

It’s not all about animation. Sometimes you really need it to look like a man has painted himself to match the wall art. I will happily help with green screen keying, rotoscoping, match-moving, blemish removal, object replacement, set extension, and color correction.

I worked remotely before it was cool​

In 2018 my wife and I bought an RV and traveled across the country. I ran two desktop computers off of a gas-powered generator and used a remote server to render my animation projects so I could continue to freelance. Now in my home office with a mini render farm and 100mpbs fios connection I am happy to report working remotely continues to be absolutely no problem at all.

Need my help?