Couch Couple Calendar 2016

deven and lauren 2016 couch calendar

Deven and Lauren’s Couch Calendar 2016

At the end of 2014 my girlfriend (now my wife :) ), Lauren, and I had the crazy idea to do a themed photoshoot every month. After a full year of non-sense, we turned our experiment into a wall calendar. Complete with 12 scenes, additional photos, and fun fact, this calendar makes other couches jealous. Check out all the themed photoshoots from 2016 below.

About the Process

Lauren can take most of the credit for the themes of each shoot. In fact, it was pretty much her idea to do the whole series. We spent a few nights brainstorming, and hadn’t originally planned to make each one related to the month, exactly. But by march we knew what we had begun.

As far a shooting goes, we used my Canon 6D and spread out in the living room of my luckily-roomy apartment. For the first shoot I borrowed some continuous lighting from work. I didn’t have any diffusion, and I didn’t really know what I was doing. I suppose that’s ok, because the look is supposed to be somewhat chaotic.

In February I actually went and got myself a set of hotshoe flashed and a remote trigger system. Using the wall opposite to the couch as a bounce, I just flashed on 1/2 power with both flashes sread evenly apart (about 10 feet). That gave me the basic but nice even lighting you see in the rest of this year’s series. The next time we did this project, I got a little more creative with the lighting.

It's Never Too Late!

It's Never Too Late!

Sure, it's not and never will be 2016 again. That's ok, you can still order a copy of the calendar! Or better yet, buy the 2017 Edition!

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