Couch Couple Calendar 2016

At the beginning of 2015 Lauren and I started a photo series framed around the couch in my apartment. By December we had enough quirky photos to make a calendar. Here it is complete with 12 scenes, additional photos, and fun facts. This calendar makes other couches jealous.

august couch calendar layout

About The Series

Lauren, my then girlfriend now my wife, was the brains behind the couch calendar series. Don’t get me wrong. We both wanted to do this. But she developed the concept/pre-production theme each month and I would handle the post/editing of the final shot. Here she is performing a “brainstorming” session.

Keeping it Real

Ask any great digital artist what makes a realistic composite believable and they’ll tell you… it’s having real elements in your shot. I could have just found some images of leaves and blended them in to a photograph of us jumping on the couch, but it was just so much better to get a bag of leaves (or nine) and dump it on the couch for real.

leaves on our couch
couch calendar november 2015 layout

We needed a bad 80’s Christmas family portrait.

deven and lauren retro 80s

But Why The Couch, Though?

The problem with starting an ongoing project is that without consistency, you’ll lose momentum. The couch grounds us. Gives us a reason to consider this a series. Plus it’s in the middle of my living room and we couldn’t really move it anywhere else.
2017 calendar preview

We did another one of these, you know?