deven james demo reel 2020

Free K’nex 3D Models and C4d Scenes

FREE Knex 3D models and C4D scene files

It’s great to have infinite k’nex. Enjoy these free C4D files. If you post it, please tag it @imakeitmove. Thanks!

This pack includes one .obj file of the k’nex pieces, and C4D files for: roller coaster, ferris wheel, swinging ship, gravity drop, tilt-a-whirl, 3 game booths, ticket booth, rigged dinosaur, and a jeep, car, and cart I didn’t end up using.
Knex dinosaur C4D rig
knex jeep vehicle set 3D model
Knex dinosaur C4D rig screen shot
cinema 4d scene files free download

Quality Disclaimer

I made these scenes for my own demo reel. When I was building them I didn’t intend to share them, so there are some funky things going on with the organization, anchor points, and keyframes. It’s a bit of a mess. Judge all you want. You’re welcome :)
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