bouncy ball collision as3 PLAY

Flash Bouncy Ball Collision Test

If the ball is at the top, click on “Play Again” to start the round, then use the paddle to keep the ball from falling into the dark blue area.

This simple game was a nice way to show off my understanding of basic collision detection using AS3. The ball detects a hit on the paddle or walls and reverses direction, with the point of impact on the paddle as well as the paddle’s velocity affecting the bounce and rotation of the ball. Not too shabby.

devenjames satellite PRESSKIT

Demo Reel 2015

Deven James Langston

2015 Demo Reel

I used to make graphics and I still do. Some are old and some are new. Either way they’re here for you. Hip hip hooray and whoop-de-doo!

deven langston compositing

CVT Transmission 3D Animation

Though I am not personally a fan of CVT transmissions and would never own a vehicle that used one, I do find them to be a fascinatingfeat of mechanical engineering. pretty neat little xPresso rig set up to make the gears function properly.

See how it works

CVT transmission animation

Darpa and Aurora Concept Plane

This has been a controversial design concept, and I’m happy that Darpa chose Joe Ryan and I to create the mockup animation that was used to present and win a contract for several million dollars to develop this vehicle.

Check out the concept

Darpa Aurora V-TOL

Industrial Ovens from AMF

It’s hard to explain the benefits of a piece of engineering this large without showing what goes on inside. That’s exactly what I helped with. AMF provided some super complex CAD files that I was able to convert and bring into my 3D land. Then I turned it all into an interactive Android app for use at a trade show.

Absorb some screen shots

AMF bakery systems portal

More Demo Reels

Michel Gondry once said, “I chose quantity over quality, because quantity lasts and quality fades.”



deven langston

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deven langston gears demo PLAY

6-Speed Transmission Gear Ratios

deven langston gears demo

Last year I worked on a very complicated animation that involved learning about and basically creating every piece inside of 3 different types of transmissions. It was awesome! I don’t think many animators would get as excited as I was about learning the mechanics of how a transmission works, but along the way I became very interested in the fascinating properties of a set of always-connected gears with varying ratios of teeth to handle shifting power flow. In motion, this gear set shows how the teeth can all be spinning at once and nothing jams up. I might export the animation soon, but for now have a look at this render!


Tru Cool Pillow

Tru Cool Pillow

3D animated pillow with sampled HDR lighting

This spot for carpenter company features a 3D animated pillow in a live-action environment. I used light-capturing 360° bracketed photos to create a 32-bit light sphere of each real-world set. Shadows and color were applied to the render automatically! And then came the compositing…

HDR is the key, literally

Instead of trying to eyeball my way through the lighting of my 3D pillow, I decided to take advantage of the on-set lighting with some high-dynamic-range 360 degree captures of the sets.

See the example HDR file

HDR 360 Panoramas

Behind the Scenes

After creating 3 super successful 30-second video advertisements for Carpenter’s Tru Cool pillow, Metro Productions put together a short behind the scenes video to take a look at some of the different aspects of our production process. With a tight schedule of only 2 weeks to produce 3 videos, we used some clever methods to cut down on work and keep the end product looking spiffy.

Free Cinema 4D Scene

Free Cinema 4D Scene

Care to see how my project is set up? Feel free to download the Cinema 4D file and have a look around.

Download Free Scene File