BAD ART series

Here’s some bad art I made back in college. I think I thought I was being funny. Not really sure what any of it means now.

holy poop deven james
if you cant devenjames
i once thought deven langston
sometimes djlangston
theft protection djl
why call it devenjames
purple door deven james langston
excuse me madam deven langston
in the year 2000
isnt it time devenjames
tambourine deven langston
young people deven james

I Made a Code Language Called Dublaic

dublaic roots
So when I was a kid, one day I decided to make my own pants. I called them Dublin Denim. Then somehow Dublin turned into Booblin, which became my nickname. Then I made this drawing and it kind of looks like “booblin” is written on the left there. Then I decided to make my own language. It’s more of a font, but it’s called Dublaic and now I’ve got tattoos written in Dublaic on my arms. Check out the whole alphabet:

My Most Complicated Doodle

Another illustration from highschool. Took me two weeks to draw. There’s all kinds of hidden shapes in this sucker.