Anosmia – Video About Not Being Able To Smell from Deven James Langston on Vimeo.

A funny look at my odd disorder. Not being able to smell has it’s downsides, but as the video says, “It’s not all bad.”

2 thoughts on “Anosmia – Video About Not Being Able To Smell”

  1. Congenital anosmia question: You people say smells tie strongest with memory. Do you imagine or dream them?… At harvest time, the olfactory takes first place among the senses. To be deaf, dumb; compensation exists. But anosmia: no recompense..

  2. I definitely imagine smells. Because smell and taste are so close together I default to taste when I think about smell. I can’t explain why but yesterday while at Kroger I thought maybe I smelled bacon. My girlfriend informed me that nothing smelled like bacon. Phantom smells.

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