6-Speed Transmission Gear Ratios

deven langston gears demo

Last year I worked on a very complicated animation that involved learning about and basically creating every piece inside of 3 different types of transmissions. It was awesome! I don’t think many animators would get as excited as I was about learning the mechanics…

Let’s Go To Space

When’s the last time you went, anyway? I took this photo in my room with available light. Then I used my digigician (digital magician) skills to fake a back light and color the photo to match the background. Just take a look at the…

Deven James Langston – Demo Reel 2010

Deven James Langston
after 6 months in (said with a deep menacing voice) “the industry.”

Dominion RiverRock – 2.5D Animated Commercial

An advertisement for a local Richmond event I made while working with The Branching.