Flash Bouncy Ball Collision Test

bouncy ball collision as3

If the ball is at the top, click on “Play Again” to start the round, then use the paddle to keep the ball from falling into the dark blue area.
This simple game was a nice way to show off my understanding of basic collision…

Deven James Langston – Demo Reel 2010

Deven James Langston
after 6 months in (said with a deep menacing voice) “the industry.”

VFX Object And Blemish Removal

Here I’ve removed an un-sightly fed-ex truck from the background of this shot. Using a reverse-tracking tracking technique I was also able to reduce the bags under the talent’s eyes.

Virginia Film Festival Promo Video

I was given 11 hours of DV-cam footage from the 2009 festival and told to make it look fun and engaging. This is what came out. All editing and motion graphics work was done by me.