Geico Radvertising – Retro Animations For a Dose of…

Geico "Radvertising"

Retro Animations with a Touch of Nostalgia

Oh Yeah I Remember That!

Whatever you want to say about the Government Employee Insurance Company (GEICO), they sure do appreciate fun and creative ads. So when the Martin Agency asked me to help make some old-school “radvertisments” the answer was hell yes. Based on the computer screen savers, games, toys and technology of yesteryear, these ads remind viewers of how much we actually still adore our old crap.

I really wanted to go nail-on-the-head with some of this stuff, but due to copyright worries we had to change it just enough that nothing was a direct rip off. For example the use of the tamagotchi egg was not approved, which is a shame. I feel like I want to hold it in my hand and keep the little gecko safe.

These may not be the most visually impressive ads ever made, but they sure were a lot of fun to make!
geico gecko tamagotchi
All the sound design for this work was done by my good friend, Coleman Sweeney, who also produced the spots.
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