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Free Xpresso Camera Rig for Cinema 4D

There is a newer version of this rig!

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Free C4D Camera Rig

A gift from me to you

To aid you in easily creating smooth arcing camera movements in Cinema 4D, I created a camera rig using slider controls and Xpresso.
The main use of this camera rig is arcing, craning, sliding, and barrel roll moves focused around a central target. It also includes built-in field of view (FOV) and depth of field (DOF) controls, an object-based target mode, as well as a built-in camera shake feature. There’s nothing in this setup that you can’t already do with the built-in tools, but it’s nice to have all the controls in one place. I use this rig almost on a daily basis and I thought it might be useful for others as well. Be sure to let me know what you think! Hope you enjoy.

Download Deven Langston’s free Cinema 4D xPresso camera rig (cameraRig_X) here.

download free C4D Camera Rig
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Camera Rig X Controls

PUSH/PULL – toward and away from the target point ARC – around the target point CRANE – around the target point DOLLY – forward/back left/right up/down PAN – left/right (stays level even when craning) TILT – up/down BARREL ROLL – independent from pan/tilt FOV – field of view/focal length/zoom adjustment FOLLOW TARGET OBJECT – with percentage slider to smoothly enable and disable CAMERA SHAKE – includes dolly, pan, tilt, and FOV shake FOCUS OFFSET – change camera’s focal point independently of target point DEPTH OF FIELD – easily create shallow or deep focus VISIBILITY – turn entire rig’s visibility on or off in one place RIG SCALE – adjust entire rig to make sliders work with scene scale ANCHOR SIZE – adjust size of target anchor if needed

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free cinema 4d camera rig
cinema 4d camera rig X free

This rig is totally free

for you to use and modify, but if you feel like it’s worth a couple bucks you can send me a donation here. Thanks!
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