BAD ART series

Here’s some bad art I made back in college. I think I thought I was being funny. Not really sure what any of it means now.

The Invention Of Dublaic

So when I was a kid, one day I decided to make my own pants. I called them Dublin Denim. Then somehow Dublin turned into Booblin, which became my nickname. Then I made this drawing and it kind of looks like “booblin” is written…

My Most Complicated Doodle

Another illustration from highschool. Took me two weeks to draw. There’s all kinds of hidden shapes in this sucker.

I Could Draw… Back in Highschool (Part 2)

This was actually one of my first 3d renderings ever, made in 3dstudio max. Cut it in half and drew the right side in colored pencil. Sadly now I only use colored pencils as a fashion accessory.