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Pixel Drop Is Screening At Cannes 2017!

Pixel Drop – Meet The Team from Pixel Drop on Vimeo.

It is with much pride, excitement, and enthusiasm that I announce that Team Pixel Drop’s submission to the 48 Hour Film Project & HP “Power of Ink” competition has advanced to the FINALS!! We are one of four teams picked from 25 entries from around the world. We will be spending the next 30 days producing a film based on our winning concept that will screen at the Cannes Film Festival!! Congrats to all team members and wish us all luck!! Here is the “Meet the Team” video we produced as part of our submission packet…

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Deven and Lauren’s 2017 Calendar is here!

couch couple calendar 2017 back cover

We’ve gone back to the couch for another round of monthly calendar photos. Available now for the first time, twelve brand new never-before-seen photos packed into one awesome wall calendar! If you like looking at us in person, you can have the next-best thing! Never feel alone again, let Deven and Lauren’s likeness comfort you all year long. For just $10, this amazing product can be yours.

Order now!

Deven and Lauren Couch Calendar 2017 Edition

devenjames satellite PRESSKIT

Demo Reel 2015

Deven James Langston

2015 Demo Reel

I used to make graphics and I still do. Some are old and some are new. Either way they’re here for you. Hip hip hooray and whoop-de-doo!

deven langston compositing

CVT Transmission 3D Animation

Though I am not personally a fan of CVT transmissions and would never own a vehicle that used one, I do find them to be a fascinatingfeat of mechanical engineering. pretty neat little xPresso rig set up to make the gears function properly.

See how it works

CVT transmission animation

Darpa and Aurora Concept Plane

This has been a controversial design concept, and I’m happy that Darpa chose Joe Ryan and I to create the mockup animation that was used to present and win a contract for several million dollars to develop this vehicle.

Check out the concept

Darpa Aurora V-TOL

Industrial Ovens from AMF

It’s hard to explain the benefits of a piece of engineering this large without showing what goes on inside. That’s exactly what I helped with. AMF provided some super complex CAD files that I was able to convert and bring into my 3D land. Then I turned it all into an interactive Android app for use at a trade show.

Absorb some screen shots

AMF bakery systems portal

More Demo Reels

Michel Gondry once said, “I chose quantity over quality, because quantity lasts and quality fades.”



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